Division 1 College Rankings, Lineups, Schedules, Recruiting, and Results

           D1CW'S 2014 Team Recruiting Rankings

1)  Penn State

Top Recruit: (149/157) #4 Jason Nolf-Rural Valley, PA

Recruiting Class: (285) #5 Nick Nevills-Clovis, CA; (174/184) #7 Bo Nickal-Allen, TX; (165) #43 Shakur Rasheed-Middle Island, NY; (197) UR Anthony Cassar-Montgomery, NJ

Penn State begins life after David Taylor and Ed Ruth with a star-studded recruiting class.  Though he is known as one of the nation's top recruiters, this will mark Cael Sanderson's first #1 overall recruiting class. Jason Nolf was a 3x Pennsylvania State Champ, that lost only once in his prep career. Nolf and Texas Upper-Weight Bo Nickal will fit in with the high scoring style PSU fan's have grown accustomed to watching with Taylor, Ruth and Quentin Wright.  Nickal might just force his way into the Nittany Lion lineup as a True Freshman.  Nick Nevills comes to Happy Valley as California's first 3x State Champion at heavyweight.  He will get the opportunity to redshirt behind 2 NCAA Qualifiers.  The Nittany Lions are one of only two teams that signed three top 10 2014 recruits.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #7, 2012 #17, 2011 #4, 2010 #2, 2009 #8, 2008 NR


2) Oklahoma State

Top Recruit: (165/174) #2 Chance Marsteller-Fawn Grove, PA

Recruiting Class: (165) #13 Chandler Rogers-Stillwater, OK; (157) #16 Ryan Blees-Bismarck, ND; (141) #46 Gary Wayne Harding-Collinsville, OK; (141) #69 Mike Magaldo-Watchung Hills, NJ; (197) #109 Preston Weigel-Hays, KS; (133) #125 Dusty Hone-Cedar City, UT

The Oklahoma State recruiting class managed to get the right mix of potential superstars and also a large number of recruits.  The headliner is 4x Undefeated Pennsylvania State Champ Chance Marsteller.  Chance has looked like a man amongst boys his entire high school career.  Fellow top 16 recruits Chandler Rogers and Ryan Blees, a Fargo Junior Freestyle Cham,p look to be the Cowboy middleweights of the future.  A reason the OSU class does not take the #1 spot is because a couple of their recruits project at the same weights and therefore may not get four full seasons to compete. 

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #11, 2012 #6, 2011 #6, 2010 #15, 2009 #2, 2008 #5


3) Northwestern

Top Recruit: (157) #3 Bryce Brill-Mt. Carmel, IL

Recruiting Class: (174/184) #11 Johnny Sebastian-Bergen, NJ; (125) #18 Stevan Micic-Hanover, IN; (197) UR Regis Durbin-Lake Forest, IL; (133) UR Sammy Gross-Beachwood, OH

It's an even numbered year so Northwestern has a big recruiting class.  Seriously though, the Wildcats have signed three top twenty overall recruits, in Bryce Brill, Johnny Seabastian and Stevan Micic.  Each of the three was ranked #1 in his high school weight class nationally.  Expect at least one of these high impact Freshman in the Northwestern lineup for the 2014-15 season.  A pair of one-time State Champ's from power states in Regis Durbin and Sammy Gross add much needed depth.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #13, 2011 NR, 2010 #3, 2009 NR, 2008 #16


4) Cornell

Top Recruit: (149) # 23 Joseph Galasso-Philadelphia, PA

Recruiting Class: (157) #32 Jon Jay Chavez-Boise, ID; (125) #42 Dalton Macri-Canonsburg, PA; (174) #52 Dillon Artigliere-Roxbury, NJ; (285) #59 Jeremy Sweaney-Vacaville, CA; (184) #94 Andrew Garcia-Novi, MI; (165) #103 Brandon Womack-Scottsboro, AL; (133) UR William Koll-Lansing, NY; (197/285) Jake Anderson-Malvern, PA

What separates the three schools ahead of Cornell is the fact that they all have at least one clear cut superstar in their recruiting classes.  Cornell "just" has a group of really solid recruits.  That isn't to say that one or more of these new Big Red wrestlers can't develop into stars, because it has happened time and again under Rob Koll.  Some of these recruits will also be hard pressed to crack the Cornell lineup as four of last seasons starters were Freshman.  

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #2, 2011 #5, 2010 #8, 2009 #11, 2008 #12


5) Ohio State

Top Recruit: (197) #1 Kyle Snyder-Woodbine, MD

Recruiting Class: (157) #6 Micah Jordan-St. Paris, OH; (285) #9 Thomas Haines-Solanco, PA; (174) #144 Ryan Harris-Beachwood, OH

Ohio State joins Penn State as the only schools with three top ten recruits.  The crown jewel of the Buckeye's class and frankly the Class of 2014 is Kyle Snyder of Maryland.  Snyder did not compete at the high school level last season, he had moved to Colorado Springs to train in Freestyle at the Olympic Training Center. D1CW tends to be very conservative when comparing incoming Freshman, however he could be the most "college-ready" recruit in the past ten years.  Ohio State will also get the services of Thomas Haines, the largest 4x State Champion in Pennsylvania history.  The only concern is if both Snyder can hold 197 for all four (or five) years. Micah Jordan could also be used immediately if Josh Demas is not healthy.  

Ohio State is the only team that has finished in the top 12 in recruiting in each of the seven classes evaluated by D1CW.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #10, 2012 #12, 2011 #1, 2010 #8, 2009 #11, 2008 #12


6) Nebraska

Top Recruit: (149) #17 Tyler Berger-Prineville, OR

Recruiting Class: (141) #21 Hayden Tuma-Boise, ID; (197) #45 Derek White-Edmond, OK; (141) #74 Colton Adams-Scottsbluff, NE; (157) #85 Nick Bennett-Novi, MI; (165) UR Dustin Williams-Gardner, KS

One of the most consistent recruiting teams in the nation is Nebraska, who makes the top ten for a sixth consecutive season.  They were able to sign five of D1CW's top 85.  The Cornhusker's class is loaded with 149/157 types who would be able to fill in for Senior's Jake Sueflohn and James Green.  Both Tyler Berger and Derek White are guys who significantly improved their stock after impressive Senior seasons. 

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #8, 2012 #4, 2011 #2, 2010 #7, 2009 #4, 2008 #15


7) Stanford

Top Recruit: (141) #8 Joey McKenna-Pine Brook, NJ

Recruiting Class: (133) #71 Mason Pengilly-Porterville, CA; (157) #80 Paul Fox-Gilroy, CA; (125) #87 Brian Rossi-Lockport, IL; (141) #108 Isaiah Locsin-Gilroy, CA; (197) #127 Boomer Fleming-Redmond, OR

After two very good recruiting classes in 2012-2013, Stanford Head Coach Jason Borrelli has raised the bar with this years class.  #8 Joey McKenna is one of the highest rated recruits ever to sign with the Cardinal.  Though an injury prevented McKenna from attempting to become a 4x National Prep Champ, he seemed very healthy when he recently won a FILA Junior Freestyle National Title. Borrelli was also able to keep three of California's best in-state.  Mason Pengilly, Paul Fox and Isaiah Locsin were all California State Champions at one point in their careers.  Pengilly and Fox were also NHSCA Senior National Champions this Spring.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #18, 2012 #15, 2011 NR, 2010 NR, 2009 #15, 2008 NR


8) Minnesota

Top Recruit: (133) #29 Tommy Thorn-St. Michael, MN

Recruiting Class: (197) #37 Nathan Rose-Arlington, MN; (125) #60 Ethan Lizak-Schnecksville, PA; (157) #113 Jack Bass-Burke, VA; (125) #141 Stephen Polakowski-Libertyville, IL; (184) UR Will Balow-Lake City, MN

Another familiar face at the top of the recruiting rankings is the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  The Gophers did well at filling a couple of potential holes.  125 was the only weight that did not qualify for National's last season, so in comes 2x Pennsylvania State Champ Ethan Lizak and Illinois Runner-Up Stephen Polakowski.  Top Recruit Tommy Thorn might be able to help at 125, but will also eventually take over a 133, a spot manned by his older brother David this season.  Nathan Rose and Jack Bass could be the successors to Scott Schiller and Dylan Ness, respectively, in 2015-16.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #12, 2012 #9, 2011 #15, 2010 #5, 2009 #1, 2008 #1


9) Iowa

Top Recruit: (285) #14 Sam Stoll-Mantorville, MN

Recruiting Class: (141) #41 Seth Gross-Apple Valley, MN; (174) #63 Burke Paddock-Warsaw, NY; (149) #72 Logan Ryan-Bettendorf, IA; (285) UR Lance Evans-Solon, IA

The Hawkeye's recruiting class is largely dependent on their neighbor's to the North, Minnesota.  Sam Stoll, a 2x State Champ, finished his high school career with a national record 63 match pin streak.  Stoll will redshirt, then fill in for All-American Bobby Telford at 285.  Junior National Freestyle Champ Seth Gross appears to be the 141lber of the future.  Logan Ryan is the latest, possible long-term answer at 149 for Iowa.  

Transfer: (157) Eric DeVos-Okoboji, IA--Penn

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #6, 2012 #2; 2011 #20, 2010 #1, 2009 #5, 2008 #6


10) North Carolina

Top Recruit: (197) #30 Chip Ness-Buford, GA

Recruiting Class: (157) #57 Jack Clark-Glassboro, NJ; (174) UR Kyle Coniker-Pittsburgh, PA; (285) UR Matthew Moore-Apalachee, GA; (125) UR Tyrone Klump-Nazareth, PA

If this were the NFL Draft, North Carolina would be praised for getting two of the top overall talent available (Chip Ness and Jack Clark) while addressing pressing needs (157/197) at the same time. In the Spring of their Junior Season's both Ness and Clark were Runner's-Up at FloNationals.  Ness also was a Super 32 Champion and was named to the USA Team for the Dapper Dan.  A Tarheel insider told D1CW that he believes that fellow Georgian Matthew Moore is one of the most overlooked kids in the country.  Moore will look to fill the heavyweight spot that has troubled the Tar Heels the past couple of years.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #14, 2011 #10, 2010 NR, 2009 NR, 2008 NR


11) Oklahoma

Top Recruit: (125) #25 Ryan Millhof-Suwanee, GA

Recruiting Class: (197) #68 Lance Dixon-Edmond, OK; (184) #84 Joel Dixon-Edmond, OK; (197) #104 Andrew Dixon-Edmond, OK; (133) #137 Jacob Rubio-Amarillo, TX; (174/184) UR Cale Wilson-Sallisaw, OK; (174) UR Nathan Marek-Southmoore, OK

The Oklahoma Sooners Recruiting Class of 2014 consists largely of home-grown talent.  One reason for that is Edmond's Dixon triplets.  The only problem will be attempting to find a spot for all three along with the existing young talent in Norman.  The Sooners will bring in two NHSCA Senior National Champions Ryan Millhof and Cale Wilson.  Millhof is battle tested, having won seemingly every High School tournament there is to win.  He might be pressed into the starting lineup immediately.  Wilson won his Sr. National title by defeating fellow Sooner recruit Nathan Marek in the finals. 

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #23, 2012 #7, 2011 #22, 2010 #12, 2009 NR, 2008 NR


12) Iowa State

Top Recruit: (125) #31 Nathan Boston-Woodford, KY

Recruiting Class: (149) #48 Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer-Cheektowaga, NY; (197) #56 Marcus Harrington-Waterloo, IA; (157) #143 Logan Brietenbach-Severn, MD; (141) UR Ryan Schuman-Colton, SD; (133) UR Dante Rodriguez-Kearney, NE

Like their Big 12 rivals above them, Iowa State will also bring in a pair of Senior National Champions in Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer and Marcus Harrington. Rodriguez-Spencer did not compete in his high school postseason but went to NHSCA's and defeated 3x California State Champ Nikko Villarreal in the finals.  Harrington looks to be an adequate replacement for 2x All-American Kyven Gadson, after taking a redshirt year.  Late Signee and 3x South Dakota State Champ Ryan Schuman opened some eyes earlier this year when he knocked off Junior National Champion and Iowa recruit Seth Gross.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #11, 2011 NR, 2010 #6, 2009 NR, 2008 #8


13) Lehigh

Top Recruit: (165) #24 Dylan Milonas-Jefferson, NJ

Recruiting Class: (125) #54 Scott Parker-Pennridge, PA; (141) #88 Ian Brown-Hanover, PA; (165/174) #147 Ryan Preisch-Milton, PA

After a year away from the D1CW recruiting rankings, Lehigh is back in the top 20 for the fifth time in six seasons.  The headliner is National Prep Champ Dylan Milonas.  Dylan might be needed to step into the Mountain Hawk line immediately at 165.  Milonas along with Ryan Preisch could be the long term starters at 165 and 174.  Lehigh was also able to grab a pair of "leadoff hitters" at 125.  Clarion transfer Jon Mele will give the Brown and White the luxury of redshirting 2014 All-American Darian Cruz.  2x Pennsylvania State Champ Scott Parker will also be in the mix at 125.

Transfer: (125) Jon Mele-Berkeley Heights, NJ--Clarion

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #3, 2011 #12, 2010 #17, 2009 #19, 2008 NR


14) Indiana

Top Recruit: (157) #20 Jacob Danishek-Miamisburg, OH

Recruiting Class: (141) #82 Cole Weaver-Hudson, MI; (174) #130 Bryce Martin-Bakersfield, CA; (285) UR Fletcher Miller-Kokomo, IN

Indiana gets a much needed talent infusion with the recruiting Class of 2014.  Jacob Danishek, a 4x Ohio State Champ, also won the Super 32 and Walsh Ironman during his Senior season.  Cole Weaver, also a multi-time state champ (with 3), is aboard.  Weaver was a double Cadet Finalist in the Summer of 2012 in Fargo.  State Runner's-Up Bryce Martin and Fletcher Miller, also were Junior National Freestyle All-American's last year.  

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 NR, 2011 #25, 2010 #9, 2009 NR, 2008 NR


15) Illinois

Top Recruit: (125/133) #12 Jered Cortez-Carol Stream, IL

Recruiting Class: (184) #15 Michael Pixley-Blue Springs, MO; (149) #79 Brock Ervin-Morganfield, KY; (197) UR Andre Lee-Oak Park, IL

Once again a small, but talented group of recruits carries Illinois to a national ranking.  Two top 15 recruits Jered Cortez and Michael Pixley lead the way.  Both were Junior National Champions in Fargo last summer, Cortez at 126 and Pixley at 182.  Cortez, a 4x Illinois State Champ, is a possible successor for 2x NCAA Champ Jesse Delgado.  Late signee Andre Lee comes in as a much needed help at 197.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #9, 2012 #5, 2011 NR, 2010 #16, 2009 NR, 2008 #9


16) Maryland

Top Recruit: (141/149) #36 Alfred Bannister-Forestville, MD

Recruiting Class: (165) #58 Josh Llopez-LaPlata, MD; (157) #65 Louis Hernandez-Mepham, NY; (197) UR Garrett Wesneski-Canton, PA

The first recruiting class for Maryland in the Big Ten is a quite good group.  The Terps kept two local products at home with the signings of Alfred "Baby J" Bannister and Josh Llopez.  Bannister is a 2x Beast of the East and National Prep Champion.  Llopez was a 2x National Prep Runner-Up, a Junior National Freestyle Champ and a Super 32 Champ.  Very late addition Louis Hernandez is a 2x New York State Champion who placed 3rd at last year's Super 32.  

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 NR, 2011 #23, 2010 #13, 2009 NR, 2008 NR


17) Wisconsin

Top Recruit: (184) #22 Ryan Christensen-Woodinville, WA

Recruiting Class: (125) #50 Johnny JImenez-Aurora, IL; (133) UR Jens Lentz--Ellsworth, WI; (285) UR Tyler Schmidt-Merrill, WI; (157) UR Jared Scherenbrock-Sun Valley, WI

The two top 50 recruits Ryan Christensen and Johnny Jimenez are obviously the standouts.  Christensen stock really rose within the last year and was one of the top overall 184lb recruits. Jimenez is a 4x Illinois State Champ that will be needed whenever Ryan Taylor moves up from 125.  Jens Lentz, Tyler Schmidt, and Jared Scherenbrock are all Wisconsin products that captured state titles their Senior seasons.  Don't be surprised if any or all of them develop into good starters despite their lack of national attention.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #8, 2011 #17, 2010 NR, 2009 #20, 2008 #4


18) Michigan

Top Recruit: (141) #27 Zac Hall-St. John's, MI

Recruiting Class: (174) #61 Davonte Mahomes-Oak Park, IL; (157) #83 Garrett Sutton-Richmond, IL; (141) #101 Zehlin Storr-Leslie, MI; (197) UR Richard Sisti-Staten Island, NY

For the third consecutive season, the Michigan Wolverines make an appearance in the D1CW top 20.  The Wolverines were able address a few weights that they could not fill during last seasons #1 overall class.  One is at 174 with Illinois State Champ Davonte Mahomes.  The other is at 197 with New York State Champ Richard Sisti.  The top recruit St. John's Zac Hall became the 18th Michigan high schooler to win four state titles this year.  A concern for this class would be if Garrett Sutton and Zehlin Storr are able to break into the lineup.

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #1, 2012 #10, 2011 NR, 2010 NR, 2009 #12, 2008 #7


19) Virginia Tech

Top Recruit: (149) #10 Solomon Chisko-Jeanette, PA

Recruiting Class: (184) #28 Zack Zavatsky-Latrobe, PA; (165) UR Taylor Misuna-Chesapeake, VA; (157) UR Jake Spengler-Orlando, FL; (157) UR Justus Weaver-Haymarket, VA

The Hokies ranking is largely based on the signing of two top 30 overall recruits.  Solomon Chisko had to defeat a returning Pennsylvania State Champ in order to win his second state title.  Chisko and fellow PA State Champ Zack Zavatsky are the first big time PA studs to come to Blacksburg in quite some time.  Chisko could break into the Hokie lineup next season depending on which weight NCAA Runner-Up Devin Carter decides to go.  Most of the remaining recruits will add depth to the VT middle weights (149-165).  

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #5, 2012 #24, 2011 #9, 2010 #10, 2009 #9, 2008 #21


20) Old Dominion

Top Recruit: (165) #33 TC Warner-Mechanicsburg, PA

Recruiting Class: (133/141) #92 Emilio Saavedra-Modesto, CA; (174) UR Joey Balboni-Kenilworth, NJ; (197) UR Zach Kelleher-Virginia Beach, VA; (174) UR Jared Swan-Stafford, VA

Transfer: Riley McClurg-Indianapolis, IN (165/174)--Purdue

Old Dominion's Steve Martin continues to go and get top recruits from power states and this year is no different.  3x Pennsylvania State Finalist and 1x Champ TC Warner joins his older brother Tristan, the Monarchs 157lber.  California is represented with State Champ Emilio Saavedra.  New Jersey Runner-Up Joey Balboni took #11 overall Johnny Sebastian to sudden victory in their state final bout.  

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 #16, 2011 #8, 2010 NR, 2009 #7, 2008 #11


Other Top Recruiting Classes

21) NC State

Top Recruit: (197) #44 Michael Boykin-Coatesville, PA

Recruiting Class: (133) #110 Sean Fausz-Alexandria, KY; (149) #118 Chandler Pyke-McDonough, GA; (133) #149 Kevin Jack-Danbury, CT; (184) UR Nicky Hall-Coram, NY; (141) UR Bryce Meredith-Cheyenne, WY

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #4, 2012 NR, 2011 #7, 2010 NR, 2009 #17, 2008 NR


22) Virginia

Top Recruit: (165) #19 Garrett Peppelman-Harrisburg, PA

Recruiting Class: (197/285) #86 Chance McClure-Commerce, GA; (184) #91 Will Schany-Blair, NE; (285) UR Austin Underwood-Tampa, FL; (165) UR Zak DePasquale-Burke, VA

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 #19, 2012 NR, 2011 #18, 2010 #24, 2009 #6, 2008 #17


23) Buffalo

Top Recruit: (125) #116 Kyle Akins-Sycamore, IL

Recruiting Class: (197) #150 Levi Ashley-Shenendehowa, NY; (141) UR Brandon Lapi-Amsterdam, NY; (125) UR Bryan Lantry-Wayne, NY; (285) UR Jake Gunning-Bethlehem, PA

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 NR, 2011 #11, 2010 NR, 2009 NR, 2008 NR


24) Kent State

Top Recruit: (133) #67 Anthony Tutolo-Mentor, OH

Recruiting Class: (197) #99 Kyle Conel-Lakeside, OH; (149) #111 Casey Sparkman-Massilion, OH; (285) #148 Sam Breese-Lakeview, PA; (157) UR Jairod James-Bedford, OH

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 NR, 2011 NR, 2010 NR, 2009 NR, 2008 #20


25) Army

Top Recruit: (149) #115 PJ Klee-Santa Rosa, CA

Recruiting Class: (184) #122 Rocco Caywood-Perrysburg, OH; (285) UR Jake Scanlan-Johnston, IA; (197) UR Andrew Grella-Beacon, NY; (125) UR Luis Gonzalez-Ramsey, NJ

Past D1CW Recruiting Rankings: 2013 NR, 2012 NR, 2011 NR, 2010 NR, 2009 NR, 2008 NR