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   Recruiting Rewind: A Look at the High School Class of 2005

by Earl Smith

    When D1CW and other media outlets publish recruiting rankings, a common response by fans is "Yeah that's nice, now lets see how well they actually perform in college".  Fair enough, D1CW has come up with a formula to evaluate the careers of the wrestlers and the rankings of the time.

    Why the Class of 2005 you ask?  With a few exceptions, all of the members of the High School Class of 2005 have now exhausted their collegiate eligibility yet their careers and legacies are still fresh on our minds.  Also, the Class of 2005 had a certain aura about it, even before any of these wrestlers took the mats in college competition.  The top three (Dustin Schlatter, Brent Metcalf, and Troy Nickerson) all won multiple championships in Freestyle at the Junior Level in Fargo, North Dakota.  During their senior season's Schlatter and Metcalf split a pair of hard fought matches, only fueling the debate about who is truly the top 145lber in the country and possibly top recruit.  A strong case could also be made for the five (yes five) time New York State Champ Troy Nickerson.  There was also plenty of intrigue around the younger siblings of NCAA Legends Cael Sanderson and Greg Jones (Cyler and Greg, respectively). 

First, let's take a look at the top 50 of Intermat's top 100 recruits for the Class of 2005.  Note: Wrestlers are listed with the schools they originally signed with at their original weights.

1) Dustin Schlatter (Minnesota) 149 LBS

HS Credentials: 4x Ohio State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Champ, 2x Junior National Freestyle Champ

2) Brent Metcalf (Virginia Tech) 149 LBS

HS Credentials: 4x Michigan State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Runner-Up, 3x Junior National Freestyle and Greco-Roman Champ

3) Troy Nickerson (Cornell) 125 LBS

HS Credentials: 5x New York State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Champ, 2x Cadet and Junior National Freestyle Champ

4) Cyler Sanderson (Iowa State) 149 LBS

HS Credentials: 3x Utah State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Champ, Junior National Freestyle Champ, Junior National Greco-Roman Runner-Up

5) Mitch Mueller (Iowa State) 141 LBS

HS Credentials: Iowa State Champ, 3x Iowa State 3rd Place, Junior National Freestyle Champ

6) Donnie Jones (West Virginia) 165 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x Pennsylvania State Champ, 3x State Finalist

7) Angel Escobedo (Indiana) 125 LBS

HS Credentials: 4x Indiana State Champ, Junior National Freestyle Runner-Up

8) Patrick Bond (Illinois) 197 LBS

HS Credentials: 4x Virginia State Champ, Junior National Freestyle Champ

9) Matt Coughlin (Indiana) 157 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x Indiana State Champ, 4x Indiana State Finalist, NHSCA Senior National Champ, Junior Freestyle National Champ

10) Jake Varner (Iowa State) 184 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x California State Champ, Junior Freestyle World Team Member, NHSCA Senior National Runner-Up

11) Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) 157 LBS

HS Credentials: 3x Iowa State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Runner-Up, Junior National Freestyle Champ

12) Sean Reynolds (Illinois) 149 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x Illinois State Champ, Junior National Freestyle Runner-Up

13) Nick Gallick (Iowa State) 133 LBS

HS Credentials: 4x Arizona State Champ, Junior National Greco-Roman Runner-Up, Junior National Freestyle 4th Place

14) Cameron Doggett (Purdue) 133 LBS

HS Credentials: 3x Ohio State Champ, Junior National Freestyle 3rd Place

15) Jared Rosholt (Oklahoma State) 285 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x Idaho State Champ, 2x Oklahoma State Champ, Junior National Freestyle Runner-Up

16) Jayson Ness (Minnesota)  125 LBS

HS Credentials: 2x Minnesota State Champ, NHSCA Senior National Runner-Up, Junior National Greco-Roman National Champ, Cadet National Freestyle Champ

17) Hudson Taylor (Maryland) 197 LBS

HS Credentials: 3x National Prep Champ, Cadet Freestyle National Champ

18) Mike Rowe (Nebraska) 141 LBS

HS Credentials: 3x National Prep Champ, 2x Cadet Freestyle All-American

19) Jay Borschel (Virginia Tech)  174

HS Credentials 4x Iowa State Champ, NHSCA Senior National 4th Place

20) Shane Vernon (Oklahoma) 149

HS Credentials: 3x Oklahoma State Champ, Reno Tournament of Champions Champ

Rest of the Top 50:

21) Adam Frey (Cornell)  22) Max Askren (Missouri)  23) Nate Matousek (Minnesota)  24) Joey Slaton (Virginia Tech)  25) Cesar Grajales (Penn)  26) Joey Eckloff (Pittsburgh)  27) Rocky Cozart (Michigan State)  28) Alton Lucas (Hofstra)  29) Jason Robbins (Arizona State)  30) Mitch Smith (Hofstra)  31) Kyle Anson (Northern Iowa)  32) Vince Jones (Nebraska)  33) Louis Caputo (Harvard)  34) Reece Humphrey (Ohio State)  35) Ricky Scott (Buffalo)  36) Brad Pataky (Penn State)  37) Bryan LaShomb (Old Dominion)  38) Matt Lopez (Arizona State) 39) Nick Guida (Illinois)  40) Dan LeClere (Virginia Tech)  41) Matt Fisk (Lehigh)  42) Lewis Gonzalez (???)  43) Franklin Gomez (Michigan State)  44) CJ Ettelson (Northern Iowa)  45) Tony Mustari (Northern Colorado)  46) Arthur Jones (???)  47) Curtis Roddy (Cornell)  48) Justin Chrzanowski (Michigan)  49) Justin Neal (???)  50) Joe Cornejo (Northern Illinois)

And here is the point scale we have used to determine our post-career rankings.  Each wrestler earned points based on his placement at the NCAA Championships as well as their respective conference tournaments.

NCAA 1st-15 pts, 2nd-13 pts, 3rd-11 pts, 4th-9 pts, 5th-8 pts, 6th-7 pts, 7th-6th, 8th-5th Qualifier-2 pts

ACC 1st-3 pts, 2nd-1pt

Big Ten 1st-6 pts, 2nd-5 pts, 3rd-4 pts, 4th-3pts, 5th-2 pts, 6th-1 pt

Big 12 1st-5 pts, 2nd-4 pts, 3rd-3pts, 4th-2 pts

CAA 1st-3 pts, 2nd-2 pts, 3rd-1 pt

East Region 1st-2 pts

EIWA 1st-4 pts, 2nd-3 pts, 3rd-2 pts, 4th-1 pt

EWL 1st-3 pts, 2nd-1 pt

MAC 1st-3 pts, 2nd-1 pt

Pac 10-1st 4pts, 2nd-3 pts, 3rd-2 pts, 4th-1 pt

SoCon 1st-2 pts

West Region 1st-3 pts, 2nd-1 pt

Now we re-rank the Class of 2005 according to their collegiate production.  Please note, these are based solely on the results and formula we have created not opinion.

Rank/Wrestler/Final Weight Class/College Wrestler Finshed At/Point Total/2005 Rank

1) Jake Varner-197 (Iowa State)  74 points  (#10)

Collegiate Career: 121-10 Record, 4x NCAA Finalist, 2x NCAA Champion, 2x Big 12 Champion, 2x Midlands Champion

2) Jayson Ness-133 (Minnesota)  67 points  (#16)

Collegiate Career:  148-15 Record, 4x All-American (1st, 3rd, 2nd, 5th), 2010 NCAA Champion, 2010 Hodge Trophy Winner, 2x Big Ten Champion

3) Angel Escobedo (Indiana)  65 points   (#7)

Collegiate Career:  137-14 Record, 4x All-American (3rd, 5th, 1st, 4th), 2008 NCAA Champion, 3x Big Ten Champion, 2x Midlands Champion

4) Troy Nickerson-125 (Cornell)  63 points  (#3)

Collegiate Career:  97-8 Record, 4x All-American (4th, 1st, 3rd, 2nd), 2009 NCAA Champion, 3x EIWA Champion

5) Brent Metcalf-149 (Iowa)  60 points  (#2)

Collegiate Career: 108-3 Record, 3x NCAA Finalist, 2x NCAA Champion, 2x Big Ten Champion, 3x Midlands Champion, 2008 Hodge Trophy Winner

6) Craig Brester-197 (Nebraska)  54 points  (NR)

Collegiate Career:  109-21 Record, 3x All-American (2nd, 2nd, 4th), 2x NCAA Runner-Up, 4x Big 12 Finalist, 2009 Big 12 Champion

7) Franklin Gomez-133 (Michigan State)  53 points  (#43)

Collegiate Career:  119-15 Record, 3x All-American (3rd, 1st, 3rd), 2009 NCAA Champion, 2x Big Ten Champion

8) Mike Pucillo-184 (Ohio State)  52 points (#72)

Collegiate Career:  106-17 Record, 3x All-American (2nd, 1st, 6th), 2x NCAA Finalist, 2008 NCAA Champion, 2008 Big Ten Champion

9) Dustin Schlatter-157 (Minnesota)  51 points  (#1)

Collegiate Career:  114-10 Record, 3x All-American (7th, 3rd, 1st), 2006 NCAA Champion, 2x Big Ten Champion

9) David Zabriskie-285 (Iowa State)  51 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career: 116-22 Record,  3x All-American (1st, 5th, 6th), 2010 NCAA Champion, 3x Big 12 Champion 

11) Jared Rosholt-285 (Oklahoma State)  49 points  (#15)

Collegiate Career:  125-25 Record, 3x All-American (2nd, 3rd, 4th), 2010 NCAA Runner-Up, 3x Big 12 Finalist, 2008 Big 12 Champion

12) Gregor Gillespie-157 (Edinboro)  48 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career:  152-13 Record, 4x All-American (4th, 5th, 1st, 7th), 2007 NCAA Champion, 3x EWL Champion

12) Max Askren-184 (Missouri)  48 Points  (#22)

Collegiate Career:  104-16 Record, 3x All-American (1st, 5th, 7th), 2010 NCAA Champion, 2x Big 12 Champion

14) Dan Vallimont-165 (Penn State)  44 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career:  108-35 Record, 2x All-American (2nd, 3rd), 2010 NCAA Runner-Up, 2008 Big Ten Runner-Up

15) Jay Borschel-174 (Iowa)  42 Points  (#19)

Collegiate Career:  98-10 Record, 2x All-American (1st, 3rd), 2010 NCAA Champion, 2010 Big Ten Champion, 2009 Midlands Champion

16) Hudson Taylor-197 (Maryland)  41 Points  (#17)

Collegiate Career:  165-28 Record, 3x All-American (4th, 3rd, 3rd), 2x ACC Champion

17) Reece Humphrey-141 (Ohio State)  38 Points  (#34)

Collegiate Career:  126-37 Record, 2x All-American (3rd, 2nd), 2009 NCAA Runner-Up, 2x Big Ten Runner-Up

17) Michael Cannon-184 (American)  38 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career: 122-19 Record, 3x All-American (3rd, 8th, 6th), 2x EIWA Champion, 2008 Midlands Champion

19) Kyle Ruschell-149 (Wisconsin)  37 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career:  123-29 Record, 2x All-American (4th, 3rd), Midlands and Big Ten Runner-Up

19) Phil Keddy-184 (Iowa)  37 Points  (NR)

Collegiate Career: 102-42 Record, 3x All-American (8th, 4th, 6th), 2x Big Ten Runner-Up, 2008 Midlands Runner-Up

21) Mark Ellis-285 (Missouri)  36 Points  (NR)

22) Chase Pami-157 (Cal Poly)  35 Points  (NR)

23) Cyler Sanderson-157 (Penn State)  34 Points  (#4)

23) Nick Marable-165 (Missouri)  34 Points  (#67)

25) Nick Gallick-141 (Iowa State)  33 Points  (#13)

26) Ryan Morningstar-165 (Iowa)  31 Points  (#11)

27) Dan Erekson-285 (Iowa)  30 Points  (NR)

28) Mike Miller-165 (Central Michigan)  29 Points (#51)

29) Dan Dennis-133 (Iowa)  28 Points  (NR)

29) Kyle Terry-149 (Oklahoma)  28 Points  (NR)

31) Nick Fanthorpe-133 (Iowa State)  28 Points  (NR)

32) Louis Caputo-184 (Harvard)  24 Points  (#33)

33) Mitch Mueller-149 (Iowa State)  23 Points  (#5)

33) Mitch Montiero-285 (Cal-State Bakersfield)  23 Points  (NR)

35) Steve Bell-133 (Maryland) 22 Points  (NR)

36) Brandon Rader-149 (West Virginia)  20 Points  (#69)

36) Dan Mitcheff-133 (Kent State)  20 Points  (NR)

38) Patrick Bond-197 (Illinois)  19 Points  (#8)

39) Vince Jones-184 (Nebraska)  18 Points  (#32)

39) Chris Brown-165 (Old Dominion)  18 Points  (#86)

39) Steve Brown-157 (Central Michigan)  18 Points  (NR)

42) Joey Slaton-133 (Iowa)  17 Points (#24)

42) Matt Dragon-157 (Penn)  17 Points  (#63)

42) Eric Lapotsky-197 (Oklahoma)  17 Points  (NR)

45) Cesar Grajales-149 (Penn)  16 Points  (#25)

45) Matt Fisk-133 (Lehigh)  16 Points  (#41)

45) Alex Krom-141 (Maryland)  16 Points  (#90)

48) Alton Lucas-174 (Hofstra)  14 Points  (#28)

49) Seth Ciasulli-141 (Lehigh)  13 Points  (#64)

50) Conor Beebe-141 (Central Michigan)  12 Points  (#68)