Division 1 College Rankings, Lineups, Schedules, Recruiting, and Results

                       2017-18 NCAA DI Master Schedule

November 2nd-CSU-Bakersfield @ Buffalo

November 3rd-Clarion Duals (Clarion, Kent State, Utah Valley, West Virginia)  @ Clarion, Pennsylvania

November 4th-Cowboy Open (Northern Colorado, Wyoming)  @ Laramie, Wyoming

November 4th-Harold Nichols Cyclone Open (Iowa State, Nebraska) @ Ames, Iowa

November 4th-Delaware Valley @ Navy

November 4th-Maryland vs Rutgers @ Yankee Stadium

November 5th-Clarion Open (Clarion, Utah Valley)  @ Clarion, Pennsylvania

November 5th-Hokie Open (Virginia Tech)  @ Roanoke, Virginia

November 5th-Michigan State Open (Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Purdue)  @ East Lansing, Michigan

November 5th-Warren Williamson/Daktronics Open (Nebraska, South Dakota State) @ Brookings, South Dakota

November 5th-American @ Campbell

November 5th-Fighting Scot Duals (Bucknell, CSU-Bakersfield) @ Edinboro

November 10th-Arizona State vs Michigan  @ Novi, Michigan

November 10th-Lehigh @ Bucknell

November 11th-EMU Open (Eastern Michigan, Edinboro, Navy)  @ Edinboro, Pennsylvania

November 11th-Journeyman/NE Duals  (Oklahoma, Rutgers, Virginia)  @ Albany, New York

November 11th-Northern Colorado Open (Northern Colorado)  @ Greeley, Colorado

November 11th-Fresno State, Nebraska-Kearney @ San Francisco State

November 12th-Bison Open (North Dakota State, South Dakota State)  @ Fargo, North Dakota

November 12th-Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open (Binghamton, Columbia)  @ Binghamton, New York

November 12th-Journeyman Round Robin (American, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech)  @ Albany, New York

November 12th-Bucknell @ Penn State

November 12th-Drexel @ Iowa State

November 17th-Iowa City Duals (Buffalo, Iowa, Iowa Central CC, North Dakota State)  @ Iowa City, Iowa

November 17th-Wolfpack Duals (NC State, Reinhardt, UNC Pembroke, Utah Valley)  Raleigh, North Carolina

November 17th-Edinboro @ Lehigh

November 17th-Illinois @ Fresno State

November 17th-Minnesota @ South Dakota State

November 17th-Virginia Tech @ Chattanooga

November 17th-Wyoming @ Nebraska

November 18th-Army Invitational  (Army West Point, Rutgers)  @ West Point, New York

November 18th-Lindenwood Open (Oklahoma)  @ Lindenwood, Missouri

November 18th-Navy Classic (American, Bucknell, Columbia, Navy, Purdue)  @ Annapolis, Maryland

November 19th-Roadrunner Open (CSU-Bakersfield, Fresno State)  @ Bakersfield, California

November 19th-Wolfpack Open (NC State, Utah Valley)  @ Raleigh, North Carolina

November 19th-Central Michigan @ Virginia Tech

November 19th-Michigan @ Lehigh

November 21st-Air Force vs Fresno State @ San Diego, California

November 24th-Rider @ Iowa

November 25th-Missouri @ Virginia Tech

November 25th-Nebraska @ West Virginia

November 25th-Ohio @ Buffalo

November 26th-Rider @ Iowa State

November 26th-South Dakota State @ Arizona State

December 1st/2nd-Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational (American, Bucknell, Columbia, Edinboro, Fresno State, Iowa State, Michigan, Navy, Nebraska, Northern Colorado, Oklahoma, Purdue, Utah Valley, Virginia Tech) @ Las Vegas, Nevada

December 1st-Illinois @ Iowa

December 1st-Oklahoma State @ South Dakota State

December 1st-Rutgers @ Lock Haven

December 3rd-Dakota Showcase (South Dakota State)  @ Spearfish, South Dakota

December 8th-Central Michigan @ South Dakota State

December 8th-CSU-Bakersfield @ Fresno State

December 8th-Iowa @ Rutgers

December 8th-Michigan State @ Buffalo

December 8th-Navy @ Drexel

December 9th-PSAC Championships (Edinboro)  @ Edinboro, Pennsylvania

December 9th-Virginia Tech @ Rider

December 9th-Wyoming @ Iowa State

December 10th-Buffalo @ Kent State

December 10th-Fresno State @ Minnesota

December 10th-Iowa @ Maryland

December 10th-Northwestern vs Northern Colorado @ Broomfield, Colorado

December 10th-Oregon State @ Michigan

December 10th-Virginia Tech vs Princeton @ New York, New York

December 15th-NC State @ Nebraska

December 15th-North Dakota State @ Utah Valley

December 17th-Reno Tournament of Champions (Fresno State, Utah Valley) @ Reno, Nevada

December 17th-Appalachian State @ Oklahoma

December 17th-North Carolina @ Nebraska

December 17th-Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh @ Bucknell

December 18th-Central Michigan, SIU-Edwardsville @ Purdue

December 18th-Cornell @ Buffalo

December 19th-Oklahoma State @ Northern Colorado

December 22nd-Wilkes Open (American) @ Wikes-Barre, Pennsylvania

December 22nd-West Virginia @ Virginia Tech

December 29th/30th-Midlands Championships (American, Buffalo, Edinboro, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Rutgers, South Dakota State)  @ Evanston, Illinois

December 29th/30th-South Beach Duals (Columbia) @ Fort Lauderdale, Florida

January 1st/2nd-Southern Scuffle (Chattanooga, Navy, Northern Colorado)  @ Chattanooga, Tennessee

January 2nd-Simon Fraser @ Fresno State

January 4th-Cal Poly @ Fresno State

January 5th-Michigan @ Indiana

January 5th-Michigan State @ Iowa

January 5th-Nebraska @ Illinois

January 5th-Northern Colorado @ Iowa State

January 5th-Oklahoma @ West Virginia

January 5th-Oregon State @ South Dakota State

January 6th-UNC Duals (American, North Carolina)  @ Chapel Hill, North Carolina

January 6th-Bloomsburg @ Edinboro

January 6th-Buffalo @ Columbia

January 7th-Bucknell @ Navy

January 7th-Columbia @ Hofstra

January 7th-Columbia vs The Citadel @ Brookville, New York

January 7th-Maryland @ Nebraska

January 7th-Michigan @ Purdue

January 7th-Ohio State @ Rutgers

January 7th-Oklahoma @ Pittsburgh

January 7th-Oregon State @ Iowa State

January 11th-Buffalo @ Missouri

January 12th-American @ Lehigh

January 12th-Buffalo @ SIU-Edwardsville

January 12th-Maryland @ Navy

January 12th-North Carolina @ Rutgers

January 12th-Oklahoma State @ Iowa

January 12th-Purdue @ Nebraska

January 12th-South Dakota State @ Utah Valley

January 12th/13th-Virginia Duals (Bucknell, Fresno State, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech)  @ Hampton, Virginia

January 13th-UVU Open (Utah Valley) @ Orem, Utah

January 13th-Columbia @ Sacred Heart

January 14th-American @ Brown

January 14th-Binghamton @ Columbia

January 14th-CSU-Bakersfield, Duke @ Northern Colorado

January 14th-Navy @ Lehigh

January 14th-South Dakota State @ Air Force

January 18th-Wyoming @ South Dakota State

January 19th-Cal Poly @ Northern Colorado

January 19th-Havard @ Bucknell

January 19th-Hofstra @ Rutgers

January 19th-Navy @ American

January 19th-Nebraska @ Northwestern

January 19th-Old Dominion @ Buffalo

January 19th-Purdue @ Penn State

January 19th-Utah Valley @ Fresno State

January 19th-Virginia Tech @ Edinboro

January 19th-Wisconsin @ Michigan

January 20th-Brown @ Bucknell

January 20th-Drexel @ Columbia

January 20th-Utah Valley @ CSU-Bakersfield

January 21st-American @ Old Dominion

January 21st-Buffalo @ Central Michigan

January 21st-Illinois @ Purdue

January 21st-Michigan @ Minnesota

January 21st-Navy @ Duke

January 21st-Northern Colorado @ Oklahoma

January 21st-Northern Iowa @ South Dakota State

January 21st-Rider @ Edinboro

January 21st-Rutgers @ Nebraska

January 21st-Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh

January 21st-West Virginia @ Iowa State

January 26th-Edinboro @ Clarion

January 26th-Fresno State @ Northern Colorado

January 26th-Iowa State @ Oklahoma

January 26th-Lehigh @ Virginia Tech

January 26th-North Dakota State @ Purdue

January 27th-All-Academy Championships (Navy, The Citadel)  @ Charleston, South Carolina

January 27th-Bucknell @ Columbia

January 27th-Bucknell @ Penn

January 27th-Buffalo @ Hofstra

January 27th-Duke @ Virginia Tech

January 27th-Fresno State @ Wyoming

January 27th-George Mason @ Edinboro

January 28th-Indiana @ Nebraska

January 28th-Iowa State @ Oklahoma State

January 28th-Lock Haven @ Columbia

January 28th-Northern Colorado @ Oregon State

January 28th-Penn State @ Rutgers

January 28th-Purdue vs Ohio State @ St. Paris, Ohio

January 28th-South Dakota State @ Oklahoma

February 1st-Edinboro @ Lock Haven

February 2nd-American @ Binghamton

February 2nd-Bucknell @ Franklin & Marshall

February 2nd-Iowa State @ North Dakota State

February 2nd-Michigan State @ Purdue

February 2nd-Minnesota @ Iowa

February 2nd-Navy @ Old Dominion

February 2nd-Nebraska @ Michigan

February 2nd-Oklahoma @ Utah Valley

February 2nd-Rutgers @ Northwestern

February 3rd-Edinboro Open (Edinboro, Navy)  @ Edinboro, Pennsylvania

February 3rd-Buffalo @ Eastern Michigan

February 3rd-Columbia @ Cornell

February 3rd-North Carolina @ Virginia Tech

February 3rd-West Virginia @ Northern Colorado

February 4th-Bucknell @ American

February 4th-Iowa State @ South Dakota State

February 4th-Nebraska @ Michigan State

February 4th-Northwestern @ Iowa

February 4th-Oklahoma @ Wyoming

February 4th-Purdue @ Indiana

February 4th-Rutgers @ Illinois

February 5th-Fresno State @ Oregon State

February 6th-George Mason @ Navy

February 9th-Columbia @ Princeton

February 9th-Edinboro @ Oklahoma State

February 9th-Fresno State @ Iowa State

February 9th-Michigan State @ Michigan

February 9th-Minnesota @ Rutgers

February 9th-Nebraska @ Wisconsin

February 9th-Northwestern @ Purdue

February 9th-South Dakota State @ Pittsburgh

February 9th-Utah Valley @ Wyoming

February 9th-West Virginia @ Bucknell

February 10th-Columbia @ Penn

February 10th-Edinboro @ Oklahoma

February 10th-Iowa State @ Northern Iowa

February 10th-Utah Valley @ Air Force

February 11th-Army West Point @ Bucknell

February 11th-Drexel  @ American

February 11th-Northern Illinois @ Buffalo

February 11th-Ohio State @ Michigan

February 11th-Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

February 11th-South Dakota State @ West Virginia

February 11th-Virginia Tech @ Virginia

February 11th-Wyoming @ Northern Colorado

February 15th-American @ George Mason

February 15th-West Virginia @ Edinboro

February 16th-Army West Point @ Navy

February 16th-Binghamton @ Buffalo

February 16th-Nebraska @ Stanford

February 16th-North Dakota State @ South Dakota State

February 16th-Northern Colorado @ Utah Valley

February 16th-Oklahoma @ Lehigh

February 16th-Rutgers @ Wisconsin

February 16th-Virginia Tech @ NC State

February 17th-Bloomsburg @ Bucknell

February 17th-Brown @ Columbia

February 17th-Edinboro @ Cleveland State

February 17th-Havard @ Columbia

February 17th-Ohio @ American

February 18th-Buffalo @ Penn State

February 18th-Central Michigan @ Michigan

February 18th-Iowa @ Iowa State

February 18th-Oklahoma State @ Fresno State

February 18th-Purdue @ Wisconsin

February 18th-Rutgers @ Princeton

February 21st-Air Force @ Northern Colorado

March 2nd/3rd-EIWA Championships  @ Hempstead, New York

March 3rd-ACC Championships  @ Chapel Hill, North Carolina

March 3rd-EWL Championships  @ Edinboro, Pennsylvania

March 3rd/4th-Big 12 Championships @ Tulsa, Oklahoma

March 15-17th-NCAA Championships  @ Cleveland, Ohio